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Source: http://www.boredpanda.org/abstract-watercolor-cityscapes-by-elena-romanova/ via digitalbushwad on The Matboard


‘… for the homeless poor…’,

she announces in platinum patina

of good and kind.


a Mercedes drives up to the foyer,

the well-meaning couple

step into a gleaming lobby –

impatient to shine, it’s their favorite,

a 5-star fund-raiser –


the Hyacinth Room is heavy

with well-meaning folk –

gathered for raising funds for the

poor –

and the

homeless –

the city network’s selfless side –


‘…visited the old-age home…’

‘… those poor waifs…’

wafts softly through the cool interior –


‘Gucci? Versace?’ and with wintry derision,



speeches gush, poor father anecdotes

regale –


earnest faces, winking earlobes –

Blahnik shoes, Louboutin nudes –


Donations, promised or immediately



Oh, and those flushed French wines, blue cheeses

vie with with exotic holidays –


it’s all very heady, refined.


Just after midnight, uniformed

chauffeurs drive them home,

exhausted, ‘a lovely evening!’


Tomorrow the windows of the

Hyacinth Room will open onto the street

below –


a homeless shall pass by –

throw his head back,

close his eyes –

and feast on the fragrance

of an evening

of good intentions.