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Danny Breslin’s post here, or rather its title, created a thought-ripple in my mind-pond 🙂

Danny, your words inspire – across time zones!



‘You are right. And I don’t understand….’

Geographies. Words have geographies.

They mean this in my land, and that, upon

reaching other shores. It’s a shame!


New seasons, immigration, a cold ocean

give them a new skin, a careless pallor,

sometimes a universe in parallel.

‘Hey listen! That’s not what I meant!’

‘It was said in jest!’

The joke is on me now! My mail is a turncoat,

and how!


This has been going on for a while –

this uncharted game of iScrabble. I wonder if

there’s a conspiracy afoot – to undermine

that Elizabethan dude, (Oh, what’s in a name…)!

Did he face similar issues?

Did his words too turn around and bite him,

sting him, run amuck, AWOL… and then some!

But his words never rode these roving

satellites, thank god! For, at home,

the bard made good, solid sense –

Obviously, he was spared the agony of communication.

Or mis-.

‘Sorry! Am I missing something again?’