You did not arrive


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Amrita Pritam created poetic art from a place embedded within her consciousness – call it the ‘soul’ or ‘creative instinct’.

For a reader, her creative candor can produce a reaction ranging anywhere from mild discomfort to extreme sensory dislocation. It all depends on where the reader stands and what he sees in her words, but most significantly, a reader’s reaction depends on how he populates the silences between her utterances.

Naturally, it would be perceptions of his own; unspoken, probably unsensed, feelings would fill the spaces in the poem, to make the poem his own.

That is the beauty of Pritam’s poetry, and this one here especially. It belongs to every single reader differently, in a hushed, and personalized tone. 

For me, the beauty in this work is the sense of nature’s grace interleaved with infinite desolation… and final trumping with a single note of hope.

You did not arrive

Spring came in its turn.

The first blossoms blushed

in a rush of color…


You did not arrive.


Summer days of yellow sun –

rouge tipped gulmohar sprays,

ripened ears of wheat frayed…


You did not arrive.


A dark pavilion of rainclouds

anointed the summer earth

with benediction from the skies…


You did not arrive.


Trees bowed their heads

to the forest wind sweeping,

Their lips sated with nectar…


…Waiting… you did not arrive.


Then, another season cast a spell,

the moon, a jewelled light

on the forehead of night…


Still, you did not arrive.


Tonight, a bevy of stars bright

proclaim that a lamp of beauty lights

the sheer mantle of night…


Tonight, the moonbeams dream

that a new dawn will awaken

from a night of deep sleep


And, surely, one day soon, you will arrive…


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