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Passing through narrow airless

corridors I only heard the voices of the

waves as they lapped winds’ cheeks,

clouds softly caressing white sands,

and the ocean shaking with the

laughter of fishes and

ancient mermaids’ sighs…


Endless skies folded and unfolded their wings

unmindful of the walls that kept them

out, like green, uncertain love.

I touched the slipping and

sliding shadows, and

groveled mindlessly

through the grey

labyrinth of dust. Then one day

the barriers fell away and the

green came to me – the ocean,

the gold-kissed sand and all

those laughing fish (the mermaids

hid that day, shy) – a moonbeam paused,

shook down stardust and breathed,

“The best way to live

is to die.”