Seated in the wind and hidden among the clouds, I see

stars and sky race through uncounted cycles of time that belong

to the ages…


Vast sweeping tides of first sunlights light up skies human eyes

did never see –


Melding into present, but eons past, when the moon struggled

with its identity –

and orbit –

those ages also belong to Earth, that place we call home –


Our land and sea was born over an earth we did not see,

long before life be –


Stars shot through the void of space, and threaded themselves

in our fragile blue –


One day, many suns later, our world was born –

the moon grew up and steadied her gait through mortal nights,

and enticed lovers, poets, ghazals and verse alike –


There was a big bang, and life,

and flowers,


came later…


… then today, trees in the neighborhood park lost their heads to trimmers

in the hands of the gardener…


there was no moon in the sky –

that old sun didn’t see –