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Source: http://www.redbubble.com/people/hippoline/works/9621798-sunrise-at-the-river-naab via reginahoer on The Matboard

In a hundred years, we will meet again.

Here, in immortal shadows of humanness.

Here, beneath cloud buoys anchoring a fleet of breezes.

Here, in a delightful frisson of October snows and roses.

Right here,

where guns and wars kick up dust in children’s eyes,

make deep gashes in warm-blooded deserts,

and play god among virtuous skies.

In a hundred years (maybe two hundred)

we will meet again –

here, where a dream loses reality mesmerized by

earth’s endless cycles,

a face that froze behind faultless mirrors,

but occasionally stirs into passionate life,

across the falling edge of evening earth,

in velvet patches of night and memory.

In a hundred years (maybe three)

we will meet again –

in diminutive shadows of humanness.

Then, maybe,


the Fates, whimsical and all, will give us

a blue-eyed rose.