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Of silences, let’s not speak –

Those pools where words dip their feet

and cleanse themselves of vain and brine –

of those silences, let’s not breathe.


Listening silences, they marvel at the slow

dawning of a fingernail moon – an indrawn

breath and all is said.


Bashful silences, those unsteady moments,

when words, gaudy words, mealy-mouthed words

hastily press their hands upon their mouths

and recede.


Crisp silences of a chilly dawn,  even as words fling

their arms from shore to shore.


That bright quiet instant when she looks away

and he can breathe – for just one instant more.


And the shared silence of a final goodbye

that must be, and can never die…


It’s more, much more, than words,

paper words,

air-brushed words,

could ever handle.