Source: http://annmarcellino.tumblr.com/page/3 via dorapintek on The Matboard

Over on the eastern wall, a liquid shadow of the moon

beckons a new day – porous, full of promise.

unfinished, still the moon gently attracts the day…

and so, slow-motion, low-key, the drama unfolds –

brave first light climbing up the wall,

step by step, shadow by shadow…

at first, skirting the silver eyes of the

moon and grazing the jaded

edge of night, letting the last jasmine

flowers open, and the first bird find her song…

then, in a drizzle of hope, and trembling

with learnt courage, it sets down its

milky threads upon the last currents of grey, and

night and day link arms and float for a bit –

happy and sad –

brick and glory –

this and that –


…soon enough night will melt, and once again,

lose its heart to day.