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They were betrayed by geometry – the geometry

of a circular world that suggested they were certain

to run into each other some day. Through the motion

of days, and dreams, longitudes blurring into

time zones across airport coffee shops, hoping,

imagining…  like the misplaced, they would find each other

in lost and found bins, in warm window seats.


They figured geography maps would drop a clue, a city

name, a lake or even the kind of vegetation that would

somehow lead to a street, and a house number.


And what is a good time to call?

No time good enough to call people fallen through

the circle of time, dizzy with the round-and-round

motion of an orange earth.


And now look… the sun sets in a vague direction of the west,

and perhaps that’s geometry struggling

to reconcile the lines and circles of their world. Later, it

will try with moonlit chimes and jasmine breezes,

and through the debris of feelings collected

over the years that refused to pause or smile…

as they still seek a straight line that will lead to a

single latitude circling earth’s skin.