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Courtesy http://67paintings.com/2013/05/17/our-union/

I have borrowed this magical artwork from my friend Lee’s blogpost, link above. Thank you, Lee!

He is amazingly talented, and a poet whose words resonate deeply with me. Please visit his blog at www.67paintings.com for creativity unplugged, inspiration and some truly reflective opinion pieces.

‘Arrange whatever pieces come your way.’ – Virginia Woolf

It’s the pieces I don’t see that fascinate me.

I know they are there, painted into the detail, buried in memory,

or hiding behind a veil of light.

Pieces that rebel against my arrangement – those are

my best work. For they are in sync with nature’s rhythms.

The pieces that captivate me with their color and gloss

are also tiring – and afterwards, boring.

Then there are pieces that fly – they fly with unseen wings and

make me stretch out to grasp them.

These spirited ones are pieces of my heart.

And finally there are pieces that stay silent. They wait to be found.

At last.

These are the pieces that bring grace at night.