I loved this poetic expression of journeys and what goes into them.
I hope you enjoy it as much…


Don’t hasten dear friend – go pack your bag.

Gather your thoughts and gather your things.

Don’t dwell on the contents: let them drop between your palms.

Some will drift and fall to the side, but you can be sure that what you need will always be there.

Pack lightly but pack with vigour.

Go with vigour but tread lightly.

You may not know when you have arrived but when you are ready the door will open for you.

What you seek will be waiting.

Don’t look too hard.

True beauty is not in what you see but in what you feel and sense.

Trust in yourself.

Trust your purpose and you will journey home a richer man.

Your bag will be lighter . . . yet fuller.

Wisdoms will settle in your heart and body and soul.

Let them rest there a while.

Grow used to them and they…

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