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With the sun at its Indian-summer zenith, thinking and creating poetry is a daunting task. The sun is all there is during these weeks – in the sky, in conversations, in FB statuses… and so, this post is about the sun (from the Laughing Penguins archives) – differently done!

I have taken these pictures from my friend Madhu – thank you Madhu!

She blogs about her travels all over the world, and she does so with a keen eye for detail, and a great appetite for history. The pictures belong to these two posts here. Check out her blog and I promise you, you won’t be disappointed. 




An earnest sun awakens the day, and its

worries, every day,

every day, it sweeps the sky  of the

night-time revelry of stars,

then boils the dawn in the old

smoke-stained kettle, and

pours warming yellows

on sunflowers of the

golden locks, great trees

silly with sap and good humor …


And so – from dark

to dark –

a good sun

golds the hours…


When evening comes,

it finally

puts aside its

veil of gold…


After that

it harvests its heart –

splashes its musings upon

the cooling sky –

hues it contained in the day

toss through clouds and fly…



and this sun loses itself

in its delight –


that is when all the world

gets a glimpse

of paradise.


Do check out this sunshine post on a friend’s blog. Quite by a happy coincidence, we both posted about the status of the sun on the very same day. Only it is a different sun she talks of, one more benign and balmy than our Indian summer sun. http://wisejourney.wordpress.com/2013/06/02/sunshine/