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Source: http://photohab.tumblr.com/post/47571517376/somerset-by-mark-jones via photohab on The Matboard

This is a mirror.

Stand with me. Right here, beside me.

Maybe you could hold me. Or just be.

Before this sheet of clear. Vertical.

Step inside. Minimally.

So the ripples don’t crack the surface

and split our heels between then and now.

It’s silent. Only that rustling of shadows

as they hurry away. To another place.


In a mirror, light is reflected at precise angles.

Angles flip from left to right. Right to left.

So we see ourselves. Clear. True. Just as we are.

According to laws of physics we all know about.


What we don’t know about is the shadows in there.

To begin with, where shadows go in the dark.

Or how shadows move about, without getting tangled. With real.

Or when shadows grow tall are they also growing up.

And do they wrinkle up in old age.

We also don’t know how shadows die.

And if they lie. Do they worry. Or steal hearts.

Look away when faced with a question of many parts….


For now, let’s just look at the mirror. And look away

from the shadows noiselessly hurrying

to arrange themselves to hide away.

In the mirror.


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