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Source: http://www.ploom.tv/?p=456 via daveh on The Matboard

In a hundred years, we will meet again –

along lime cliffs with choppy breezes.

We will laugh a lot and, and watch the sun

bend into a sad red ball. Then we will

shrug it off into the waters…’time for coffee’!

A latte is what I’ll go for – it’s what I’d like –

I’ll soak up the warm aroma of coffee beans

and it will remind me of another time I won’t be

able to place, and I’ll wonder, and think, and look

away in the distance, watch footfalls in a forest of dreams,

mirage of a memory (a fish riding a moonbeam) ,

hear a distant voice that could put

love-words in the flushed wind…


You will be the realist. ‘This is good coffee! Another one?’


In a hundred years, maybe two, we will meet again –

along great lime cliffs of the salty breezes.

walking past each other – innocents

woven in the night.


In a hundred years, maybe three, we will meet again –

beside lavender lime cliffs in mist.

No one will see it – the wind and the wave

dipping their feet together in the ocean – a gentle drift …


… and in a coffee shop, just down the road,

a dreamy latte will look away. Unsure.