What would poetry lovers (all of us) do without publishers who love poetry as much?

Dagda Publishing

Hey all, quick little update. No new poetry today, we’re in the middle of the editorial process for our next anthology, and undertaking a few bits of research for our business plan to turn ourselves into a proper publishing house.

The purpose of this post is a quick update on our crowdfunding campaign over at Indiegogo. Currenly, it’s standing at $301, and we have decided to add a couple of extra perks in to it, including an editorial service for a relatively small donationand advance copies of all our publications for the next year. Go have a look at it all at the link below, and help fund it, so we can do more for new writers out there, and be a part of the future of publishing. Every bit helps us achieve this goal.


Have a good day, whatever it is you are doing, and look out tomorrow…

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