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Between their silence and words roars a heartbeat.

An instant.

Thin is the skin of reality. Surreal.


It’s their alone instant. Hope flickers dangerously.

Love leaps fearlessly. Tomorrow dies brightly.


Fire is the instant.

It singes the skin of reality. Blinds them with its revelation.


Snowflake is the instant.

Its perfection will cleave to their retina. Forever.

Tomorrow it will dig a hole in their heart.

It will live there. And grow… into a snowstorm.

It will keep them warm. Cloistered in whiteness.

It will carry them along. Slipping and sliding.

It will add their paths. Divide their days.

And like a butterfly, it will give little unforeseen

Bursts of joy.


Butterfly is the instant.

In an instant, melted is the instant. Surreal.

Flown away.


Sketch by Rashmi Jauhari.