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Picture 003

“Times are changing,” you inform me.

I hear you. At 15, it is like

the rebellion starting without its

favorite hero…

“fading ideals” of friends, doors

that don’t agree to stand open for you!


At 15, it is the first summer marked

for memory scrapbook.

A slew of calls from friends on holiday,

hairstyles that last a week – when they last

really long…

and a gawky stretched human frame unfit

for home décor!

There’s more, more causes for starting movements,

Facebook does not have “enough reach”,

restless twittering of happy ideas that

“can change the world” and oh,

don’t forget, the earth

spins too slowly to keep up!


I see your righteous bewilderment

and those surprised

circles your fingers trace furiously

in the air. “Yes, 15 is the first

heady challenge.” I sagely submit!

“But,” I hurriedly add, “it passes.

Summer returns,

and the earth adjusts its spin to keep

pace with revolutions – yours.”


“The stars will chart your course

to a forgotten friend when Facebook

falters, and one door will stay open

only for you, especially for you.”


Evening slips into the warm quilt

of a winter’s night. The displaced molecules

are reluctant to return

to their old places.


A door closes, it’s a firm click.

Childhood locked away.

“Summer will return,” I insist.


I’m not sure you are listening!


Sketch by Rashmi Jauhari.