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Sunset is a woman.

Sad, alone and brave,

she holds the dying sun

in her arms every evening

and watches it fade away. Then

she tiptoes away unseen,

to the place where

other brave women

wash the blood of shot-down sons

from white sheets and warm pillows

at taps that remain

unbombed by rockets from the

north.  Heart-broken, these brave

women put their heads

together and pray.

For dead sons.

For missing sons.

For sons they gave up to war

and Occupation.

They mourn…

they mourn…

they mourn and weep and

and pray for

one son that

will not set in blood

some day.

Photograph ‘Shadow’ by Satoko ‘satosugar’ Hoshino, Japan.

Satoko ‘satosugar’ Hoshino is a copywriter and an avid photographer. She likes to keep her introduction simple: born in Osaka, she now lives in Ube-shi, Yamaguchi, west of Honshu, Japan. Photography is her grand passion and she began taking pictures when she was 25. 
Her other favorite thing is music… in her words: ‘ROCK, jazz, the blues, R&B, a soul, and the music of New Orleans.’ She wonders if she can ever express ‘my blues with a photograph!’ 

Go, check out her amazing pictures  at http://www.flickr.com/photos/satosugar/