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In school, I loved embroidery – little squares of cloth with flowers and leaves around the edges, stars dotted right across, and sometimes, letters and words interspersed with colorful patterns.

This post seems to me like my favorite piece of embroidery until now. And it is the result of a wonderful collaboration with a very talented and generous artist and writer, JE Lattimer.

The idea of the collaboration was his, the conceptualization is his, the artwork is his, and yes, and the title too, is his.

Thanks Josh, for giving such mesmerizing images to my words – appropriate, and just the right color tones… my favorite piece of embroidery!

Thanks too for the title – I think it’s brilliant, balancing so many elements in one single word.

Check out Josh’s awesome work on his blogs: mysteriesofthewasteland.com, fictionalmachines.com and arcanearrangements.com – it’s amazing!