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Sunset at Bore Beach, Norway

An earnest sun awakens the day, and its
worries, every day,
every day, it sweeps the sky of the
night-time revelry of stars and their
play things,
it boils the dawn in the old
smoke-stained kettle, and
pours warm yellows
on sunflowers of the
golden locks, great trees
silly with sap and good humor …

And so – from dark
to dark –
a good sun
golds the hours…

When evening comes,
it finally
puts aside its
veil of gold…

After that
it harvests its heart –
throws rainbow hues upon
graying skies –
colors it contained in the day
toss through clouds and fly…

and this sun loses itself
in itself –

that is when all the world
gets a glimpse
of paradise.

(photo by Børth Aadne Sætrenes, Norway) http://www.flickr.com/photos/baac3nes/7637821536/in/faves-meenakshijc/