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Daylight was born in this room –
among ordered rows of school desks
and satchels hanging on wooden backs –
a warm sunny morning took birth
right here, on this stony window-sill.

An empty room it is not –
nor a room devoid of freckled faces with spectacles,
smiles and frowned foreheads –
it is a forest glade waiting
to hastily awaken
to chattering feet, new-found voices
and future-gazing eyes with wings –
later, the afternoon slant will steal
the ardour from hearts and minds –
and a tepid day will recline on
this spent window-sill.

But right now, in this instant –
the room dressed in new shining day –
has a clear, eager soul –
and eyes burning with the desire
to turn the world into a giant football –
and kick up at the upstart sun.