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I live in a city

that wants to fly

through Einstein’s space

into the next dimension

of evolution.

Levitating into ugly

high-rise blocks,

it breathes the rarer layer

of urban atmosphere.

Its head in the clouds,

the city enhouses the latest life-form: the

corporate dyshuman.

Anxious, wide-eyed, plugged-in,

this smart life-form walks fast

feels slowly and thinks little.

It eats rapidly, but can taste food

only rarely.

It works well for money.

The dyshumans are slowly dislocating

the humans

in this city

in space.

On a dark moonless night I saw

lights teetering mid-air in

the far distance – high-rises

with their dys-habitants within.

The lights abruptly took off into

inky space and a dys-voice

whispered in my human ear,

“We now control the destiny

of this city

in space.”