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One evening on the jagged edge

of winter,

we sit and talk.


“Times are changing,” I hear you say.

At 15, it is spring turning its back upon

you – friends in different rooms – doors

that don’t stop for you!


At 15, it is the first remembered

summer. A slew of phone calls from classmates,

hairstyles lasting as long as a week,

and a gangly frame that cannot find a chair

to fit in. There’s more – facebook chats

aren’t enough, restless ideas twitter like happy

brainless birds, and the earth spins

too slowly. Then there’s more… Oh!…more!


I see your bewildered

eyes and those surprised

circles your fingers trace furiously

in the air. “Yes,” I agree, “15 is the

first challenge in life.”


“But,” I attempt to assure you, “it passes.

Summer returns, every year,

and the earth adjusts its spin to keep

pace with your dreams.

The stars will chart your course

to a forgotten friend when facebook

fails, and one door will stay open

to lead you to fortune. Maybe even fame…

but that is never important!”


Evening slips into the warm quilt

of a cold night. Our voices grow

silent but the displaced air molecules

are reluctant to return

to their old places.

A door closes with a firm click.


Childhood locked away until

further notice. But summer will