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A, B and C

Little tawny tigers, the three kittens

who’ve come visiting.

New, hesitant mews that voice

wonder. Tawny eyes consumed

by curiosity at the sights

and sounds of a new world.

A door closing. A scraping chair.

The rustle of a curtain…

make them jump, shrink

into a corner. Not for long,

soon, they are climbing, peeping

hiding and seeking.

Again. Natural learners, learning

in life’s pen.

A, B and C. With identical coats,

they play tricks on the eyes. Here

and there and there too!

Maddening! Funny! A repeating loop

in nature’s software!

Cat-heaven comedy – in real life!

Three beige balls of fur

curled in a bunch on the cushion.

Three biscuity heads fighting

each other for bowl space.

Three streaks chasing passing shadows.

A, B and C – three little kittens

wearing one tiger face!