An hour and a half


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Source: via bonexpose on The Matboard

An hour and a half with you –


A wafer of a cloud

latched to a corner of the sun –

try as I might

I’m unable to take it off –

as if the cloud is woven

right into the red shirt of the sun.


An hour and a half with you –


It stands  in the square of memory

like a stern sentry

and my every passing thought

is firmly denied entry.


Who can tell what I said…

Who knows what you heard…


An hour and a half –


An age-worn soul

intoxicated with the smoke of

a tobacco pipe,

for an hour and a half.


Before my heart becomes fearful

and turns away –


before the sun crumbles in

trying to take off the cloud –


before the memory of our meeting

weans away from love…


An hour and a half of enchantment –

let me inhale a bit of it,

the breeze will dissolve the rest.


Before any word of it

is breathed by you or me –

before any talk of it

is heard by anyone at all –


Before it becomes reason for

disgrace of a woman –

before it becomes cause for

ignominy of a man.


Before… before…


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